The Currency of Country, ink on paper, 2017 ©Shawana Andrews

The people come together to trade and share.  They are dressed in possum skin cloaks and have a basket of ochre, berries, yams and eggs to exchange.  There is also an axe of stone and timber to be traded.  The squares represent the shared knowledge built over generations of cultural memory.  The people are connected with a songline and they look to the ancestors to learn and maintain culture.

What is the National Indigenous Business Summer School?

The University of Melbourne will be hosting the National Indigenous Business Summer School in 2020. Check back at a later date for more information on the program.

The National Indigenous Business Summer School is an exciting new program for Years 11 and 12 Indigenous high school students. The program is an initiative of the Australian Business Deans Council, hosted by the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne.

The purpose of the program is to provide a fully immersive experience for students thinking of entering the world of business or becoming an entrepreneur.

Students will have the opportunity to see business in action and learn about the available pathways into business studies.

The University of Melbourne  Australian Business Deans Council